What Is NLP Programming?

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NLP means Neuro Linguistic programming. Neuro represents our brain or nervous system which allows us to experience life and serves certain information to ourselves like specific feelings, emotions, and all of our behavior. Linguistic stands for language or words we use to express our feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Programming represents the actions we take to produce specific results. Through NLP Programming, you can change your life, so that you can communicate better with yourself and influence your self in much more productive ways.

What Is NLP Programming?
What Is NLP Programming?

History Of NLP Programming

 NLP is a pseudoscientific approach and psychotherapy created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the 1970s. Richerd Bandler was a mathematician, and John Grinder was a linguist. Grinder and Bandler done a lot of research and wrote their first book named Structure of Magic : A book about language of therapy. They were inquisitive of studying different treatments and they wanted to learn from the top therapists so that they can change their lives and help others people.so they studied and observed senior therapist by identifying and break down the language and process that worked in a very systematic process and thus how NLP programming was formed.

How Does NLP Programming Work?

What Is NLP Programming?
What Is NLP Programming?

The key elements of NLP programming are modeling, action, and effective communication. It is based on the concept that if one individual can understand how a successful person has obtained results, the process can be copied to teach others to obtain results. According to the proponents of NLP programming, every individual has a personal map of reality. There are many concepts and techniques used to improve different life fields. NLP programming user gains information by understanding a range of perspectives.

NLP Have Certain Principles :

One of those principles is map is not the territory. It sometimes means what we see on the surface is not going on in a particular situation. Reality is something that nobody knows what truth is bcoz we all have different perceptions of it. We all have different experiences, we process it in different ways, so what’s essential is not reality, but how we represent it to ourselves.

NLP also based on how we represent things to ourselves. So we all have different mortality there are 3 models of prime line we focus on VAK.`V` is visual which we represent to ourselves and `A` is auditory which the sounds we hear and `K` is kinesthetic which the emotions or feelings we feel.
Changes are classified into six logical levels

Propose and spirituality: This change is of the highest level. This involves larger than oneself, such as religion, ethics, and another system.

Identity: Identity is to realize or conscious of yourself to be. And it includes your responsibilities and role to play in life.

Belief and values:These are the matters in which you are having benifits and personal issues.

Capability and skills: There are your abilities and skills that you have

Behavior: These are the specific actions you perform.

Environment: It includes people around you.

According to NLP Programming, the purpose of a logical level is to direct and organize the information. Hence making a change in the lower level can bring change at a higher level.

Limitations Of NLP Programming

Due to the lack of empirical evidence to support the significant claims of success through this therapy.Hence it is difficult to define as a treatment modality. Additionally, due to the lack of regulations in training and certifications, many practitioners lacking credible experience in mental health.

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