Updating Your System With These NLP Training Data

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Do you want to get trained in Natural Language processing? It is the upcoming future of machine learning. This Natural learning process is a bond between computers and human beings. It is the linguistic, computer science, and Artificial intelligence language through which a computer can connect with the human being. This technology can help us in various fields such as Social media, chatbots, survey analysis, language translator, autocorrect and autocomplete, etc. Various NLP training data can help you to get trained in processing the language. There are several available machine learning datasets which can help you to analyze the data.

General NLP Training Data Sets

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·         Enron Dataset: It is an email dataset. It has over half a million anonymized emails from more than 100 users. This dataset works on various emails to correct them. This dataset doesn’t include any attachments and can work on various emails.

·         Recommender Systems Datasets: This NLP training data set works on various sources including fitness tracking, video games, song data, and social media. It includes other features as well, such as social networks, GPS data, heart rate sequence, and many more.

·         Project Gutenberg: This data set has an extensive collection of book texts. It is public domain and available in various languages, spanning a long period.

Sentiment Analysis Through NLP Training Data Sets

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·         MultiDomain Sentiment Analysis Dataset: In this data set, a wide range of amazon reviews are considered. This dataset can be converted to binary labels based on various reviews given by the customer on different products.

·         Yelp Reviews: This dataset is a subset of your businesses like restaurants and other places. It is available in JSON files and used to teach students about the databases to learn NLP. There are a huge number of reviews, businesses, photos, and areas are included.

·         OpinRank Dataset: This dataset includes reviews about various cars and hotels collected from trip advisors. You can get the full information about the car like the model years, reviews and many more. It also contains a review of the hotels from various countries all across the world.

Text NLP Training Data Sets

·         20 Newsgroups: This data set includes over 20,000 newsgroup documents across 20 different newsgroups. It is a very popular NLP training data set for experimenting on various text applications, machine learning techniques such as text classifications and text clustering.

·         Jeopardy: This dataset is a collection of various jeopardy questions. You can find over 200,000 questions on it. You can find many questions in totally different ways.

·         Legal Case Reports Data Set: IT contains 4000 plus legal cases and has various information related to those datasets, such as citation sentences, citation catchphrases, and many more. It is built to experiment with automatic summarization and citation analysis.


You can find various NLP training Datasets related to different fields. Whatever field you are in or whatever the point of discussion is, you can find various data sets and reviews for training purposes and making your system learn it. Full data sets are of the public domain, and you can use them anytime.

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