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Understanding The Types Of Consciousness You May Have Felt

Types Of Conscious You May Have Felt

Consciousness is the state of mind where we are aware of the happenings in our surroundings. These include our thoughts, our feelings, and everything that makes up our current moments. During the day, we may notice different levels of this awareness. You can even measure on a scale between fully conscious and unconscious.

Below are four of the distinct levels that you may encounter at one point in the day.

1. Normal Waking Consciousness

When you are aware of the things that are happening around you. It includes your friends, you’re feeling, and everything that aids in making up the moment you are living. This level refers to as full or healthy waking consciousness. At this point of conscious, you find the time and place reasonable. This level becomes the root by which all other levels are determined.

Types Of Conscious You May Have Felt
Types Of Conscious You May Have Felt

2. Abnormal Consciousness

This level of awareness usually occurs when a person is affected by things like personality disorders, addictions, or obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Mostly, these types of reactions are like an allergy where a person has a particular brain response to unusual things. Most people usually don’t respond to them. Your conscious level changes because your mind steers you to do certain things. Moreover, you pretty much have no control over what you are doing.

3. The Other Altered Levels Of Consciousness

You may think that abnormal and other altered states of consciousness are the same thing. However, there is a minor deviation. In abnormal conscious level, you don’t have any control as addiction or similar activities, controls your brain’s thoughts. However, in this state, you have authority to some extent. There may be times where you may be somewhat aware of your surroundings and will likely have a faulty memory. This state of awareness usually occurs when you consume alcohol or some other drugs. On the contrary, it may also happen when you are daydreaming or when you are meditating.

Types Of Conscious You May Have Felt
Types Of Conscious You May Have Felt

4. Unconsciousness

This level is one of the more commonly known states of consciousness. This state occurs when we are in a deep sleep, or when there is a brain injury shock or coma. During this level of consciousness, we become completely unable to maintain an awareness of ourselves and the happenings around us. We are also usually utterly have no response to any stimuli. It is distinct from other levels of consciousness when we may be in a light sleep or affected by drugs. During those periods, we are not fully aware of our surroundings, yet we usually respond to the environment around us. The human brain is a complex and captivating, and there is undoubtedly more to discover its working and existence of different conscious levels. You may have felt most if not all of these distinct levels of consciousness at some point in your life.

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