The Best Patterns Of NLP Breathing Techniques

We’ve included a set of step-by-step instructions. Remember that the value of what follows comes from doing and experiencing it, not from reading about it. Allow yourself a good half-hour to do this because these are the step-by-step directions for generating a unique collection of experiences and skills:

Basic Calm-Breathing Techniques

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You can either guide yourself through this technique or work as a team with someone else, taking turns guiding each other. You can also pre recorded these instructions and listen to them as you play them back. Replace each of the questions below with the command to “Notice…” whatever is being asked about when following a pre-recording or guiding a group with these instructions. Allow 2-3 seconds between each phrase or sentence, enough time for the instruction to be followed or the relevant sensation to be had.

1. Begin by stretching deeply.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly for five minutes, taking six seconds or longer each time. Savor the long, slow, deep, calm, sumptuous passage of each breath… with each breath out, see how much more you can let go.

3. Breathe deeply, not just on the inhale but also on the exhale. First, exhale so profoundly that your lungs are empty, then blow out an imaginary candle a foot in front of your face with those empty lungs.

4. Then smooth everything out into one smooth, calm, deep, continuous, sumptuous, almost sensual inhale-exhale-inhale, with each breath out, see how much more you can let go.

5. If you can, use each next breath to explore new ranges of both of these effects: each breath in to feel as luxurious as possible compared to the last breath in; each breath out to see how much more you can just let go compared to the last breath out.

Noise-Removal Breathing

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1. Begin envisioning (especially picturing and feeling) your air going in through the bottoms of your feet, all the way up from there, with each breath. Breathe in as though you had to draw your air all the way up through your ankles, legs, and body to the point where you could breathe out normally. Next, breathe in against the pull of your air as it travels up through the tissues and cells of your feet, ankles, legs, and lower body with each breath. Continue for a few minutes, seeing how this treatment affects you.

2. Visualize or envision heaps of dry leaves or other garbage swirling up and out of your tissues and cells with each breath. This substance is swirled up by each inhale, swirled up from the breath-swept tissues of your feet, legs, and body, and swept up out of you on every profoundly exhaled breath. So, with each breath, try to imagine it as vividly as possible. Then, with your breath, sweep all of that junk out of you.

3. As these clouds of “noise” rush neatly out of you on your slowly, deeply, calmly exhaled breath, envision it turning into showers of dazzling sparks as it touches the free air!


We looked at how respiration, which you can control, is also part of your body’s automatic functions. As a result, your breathing serves as a conduit between your conscious actions and intentions and the rest of your body’s automated systems, including the heartbeat, biochemistry and psycho chemistry, organs, tissues, and even individual cells.

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