Roll Out in a Pan for a Uniform Thickness, Effortless Rolling, Ideal for Home and Professional Baker

A wooden handle roller for baking is one of the most important tools for the kitchen and bakeries. These rollers are used to evenly flatten your pie and pastry dough. They also help in your cookie and pasta dough. While there are different types of rollers available, these wooden handle rollers for baking are in demand for their comfort and balance that they provide to their owners. Their wooden handle works perfectly for making specialized dough such as loaves of bread. Hence, if you have never owned this kind of roller and want to have one, then maybe you can consider it today. 

Wooden-Handle Roller for Baking

This wooden-handle roller for baking is particularly of interest due to its incredible quality. Their roller is made from some solid fumigated wood. This material enhances their strength and gives them a sturdy balance while usage. They are especially known for their handle which is designed in a way that even children with small hands can’t grip them easily. The wood on this roller is non-stick which makes it excellent and simple to use. Besides, their cleaning also does not take much effort from you. You can simply hand-wash them with a damp cloth for the best result. Their rod is made with stainless steel which is quite durable and steady. 

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  • Certification SGS
  • Pattern NO
  • Model Number LRP181123
  • Feature Eco-Friendly
  • Diameter (cm) 2.8cm
  • Type Rolling Pins & Pastry Boards
  • Material Wood
  • Product Type Rolling Pins
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  • This wooden-handle roller for baking has comfortable handles and is quite versatile in its usage. They are popular for this ready as they work well and are quite easy to handle. 
  • The small-sized handles add to its advantage as they work great for even the single pie crusts. 
  • The roller also enables you to easily get equal thickness in your rolling whenever you bake something. 
  • Besides, this product is quite easy to clean and takes a couple of your minutes. 
  • These products are worth buying for anyone from beginners to the most experienced ones in this game of baking. 


  • This wooden-handle roller for baking can sometimes be a bit heavy. There are also complaints that these are a little less maneuverable as compared to other handle-less options in the market.  
  • They sometimes may give you a hard time for stiff or chilled cookie dough, so you need to ensure to take the dough out of the fridge a while before its use. 
  • Some people may find it too small as well as splintery but it depends on their preference. 


A wooden-handle roller for baking is a must-have for every kitchen owner. They are made of natural and durable wood. Hence, whether you are a newcomer or a professional, having this in your kitchen will add to your advantage. So, make sure to purchase one carefully and not confuse it with various options available.

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