Richard Bandler: The Mind Behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Richard Bandler: The mind behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming

If you are familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, then you must know about Dr. Richard Bandler. He is the most influential Self Help expert of this Century who founded the personal development in the self-help industry. He transformed our idea of the human mind. And ultimately, it gave us what we today know as Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP.

Who is Richard Bandler?

Richard Bandler is the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP (another one being, John Grinder). He has changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe with his seminars, training and self-help products. His books are available in 20 different languages other than English. His self-help products like books and CDs have topped the self-help product chart every year. He has also developed methodologies like Neuro-Hypnotic Re-patterning (NHR) and Design Human Engineering (DHE).

Richard Bandler: The mind behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Richard Bandler: The mind behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming

His Educational Background

Richard Wayne Bandler was born on February 24, 1950, in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. He is 69 years old (2019) presently and has a net worth of $100K-1M (Approx.) He received his BA Philosophy and Psychology degree from California University (Santa Cruz) in 1973. Furthermore, he did his Masters in Psychology from Lone Mountain College (San Francisco).

His professional background:

Dr. Richard’s career started with getting an invitation from Bob Spitzer to attend a training event. Bob Spitzer was the Owner of Science and Behavior Books. He later hired Bandler to edit one of the books authored by Fritz Perls. However, he is well-known for his invention of the term ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He co-founded the NLP mechanism with John Grinder which later made him a Self Help Expert.

Richard Bandler met John Grinder while he was a student. The grinder was an expert in Linguistic. They authored and published their first book ‘The Structure of Magic, Volume 1’ in 1975. Bundler together with Grinder wrote several other books in the later years. However, Bandler was the one to go ahead with training and educating people about the NLP method.

In 1996, Bandler and Grinder were in a conflict over the Neuro-Linguistic Programming ownership rights. However, in the end, they agreed to each other’s contributions to NLP. Dr. Bandler travels around the world to conduct seminars and giving lectures on NLP. At the same time, he also trains individuals to conduct NLP.

Richard Bandler: The mind behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Richard Bandler: The mind behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Books by Richard Bandler:

Richard Bandler has published several award-winning books, DVDs, and articles of the Self-Help Genre. He is one of the top self-help genre authors.

Some of the popular books written by Richard Bandler are:-

  • Magic in Action (1992)
  • How to Take Charge of Your Life: The User’s Guide to NLP (2014)
  • Teaching Excellence(2016)
  • Reframing: Neurolinguistic programming and the transformation of meaning (1982)
  • Time for a Change (1993 )
  • Using Your Brain for a Change (1985)
  • Get The Life You Want: The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2008)
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