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Quick Guide To Natural Language Processing

Quick Guide To Natural Language Processing or NLP Course

Are you planning to enhance your data science knowledge? Are you looking for the best Natural Language Processing course? Do wish to learn what is NLP? Then you are at the right place!

Natural Language Processing is an important subfield of Artificial Intelligence. Google Assistant, Siri, Chatbots are some examples of Natural Language Processing application. There are several other applications of NLP. For example, Google Translate, Voice Recognition, Word Search and more. However, Google Duplex introduced by Google in 2018 is a revolutionary application of Natural Language Processing technology.

Quick Guide To Natural Language Processing or NLP Course
Quick Guide To Natural Language Processing or NLP Course

So, what is Natural Language Processing?

NLP or Natural Language Processing is a technology that deals with Natural Language. Machines and Computers also use languages which are in numbers but our language is completely different. The way we speak, the way we use words and construct sentences result in an unstructured language. For example, languages like French, Spanish, English and more. However, computers are unable to understand these unstructured languages. Therefore, Natural language processing came into being which enables the machines to understand the unstructured languages that we speak.

Why Should You Go For An
Natural Language Processing Course?

If you wish to keep up with the ever-changing data science then you should really go for the NLP course. Natural Language Processing is the future of Machine languages. Artificial Intelligence is developing at a much faster rate. Google Duplex is proof that someday we would rely on the AI for our day-to-day activities. Therefore, if you are into data science, NLP should be one of your skills!

Quick Guide To Natural Language Processing or NLP Course
Quick Guide To Natural Language Processing or NLP Course

What Things You Would Learn In An Natural Language Processing Course?

Natural Language Processing or Natural Language Processing is a vast topic and has a number of sub-topics like

  • what is NLP
  • Dialogue tracking
  • Sequence tagging
  • Language Multimodal Intelligence
  • Language modeling
  • NLU
  • Text classification
  • Semantics Vector space models

And more…

What Skills Will You Develop After Taking The Natural Language Processing Course?

After taking an Natural Language Processing course you will learn what NLP is and find new approaches and techniques of NLP. You will also be able to develop your own Chatbot like Natasha from Hike! At the same time, you will also be able to create better translation tools like Google Translate.

Consequently, the major skills you will gain after taking the NLP course are:

  • Chatbot development
  • TensorFlow
  • Deep Learning
  • Programming
  • Ability to understand articles
  • Ability to build prototypes
  • Language
  • Probability and Statistics

and more…

There are several institutes which provide Natural Language Processing courses at reasonable prices. However, you also have the freedom to go for an online course (most of which are free of cost). Although, the catch with the online courses are they are of lesser duration and will also require you to be qualified in certain things for you to understand the lessons.

Thus, the world is moving towards AI. Generally, most of the website which provides services take the help of Natural Language Processing. As a result, the need for NLP trained people is on the rise as more companies are going online. Therefore, if you think you have the ability to be an expert in NLP, join a Natural Language Processing course today!

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