Provides a Classic Pen and Paper Experience That Built for Digital Age! Endlessly Reusable for Years

You may just be wondering what a multi-purpose notebook is? The solution is easy; it is an intelligent notepad with pages that may be erased again and again after being scanned to the cloud or any other location of your choice. The notebook employs Easy Pens, which takes around 15 seconds to dry ink. It can be bought in any office supply store. You can scan anything on Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, and e-mail pages. One can store the file in JPEG or PDF format.If you have high school students, authors, teachers, designers, engineers, or family managers, or if you have them, you may want to try using the notebook. 

There is not much room in the backpack. You can take notes or meetings for later use in lectures and store them. These pages can be reused at the same time. It will save your money in the long run because you don’t have to buy more notebooks. You can also remove the written material from a damp towel by scanning what is written on the pages and reuse these pages again. It contains seven icons at the bottom of each page to route the notepad to a particular location. Each icon can be customized to travel anywhere you wish after it is scanned. 

Get a Multi-Purpose Notebook With Erasable Pen now!


• Name of the brand – NeWYeS

• NYNB5A Model Number

• Breadth – 17.6cm.

• Length – 25cm/9.8″

• Name of product – Smart notebook

• Black ColorsColors

• Feature 1 – Notebook reusable

• Feature 2 – Smart notebook reusable

• Feature 3 – erasable laptop.

• Function 4 – Diary Planner

• Feature 5 – Lovely Fashion Cartoon

• Feature 6 – Notebook Writing Journal

• Feature 7 – Notebook Microwave

• Feature 8 – Supply of School Stationery

• Feature 9 – Spiral Notes Wire Bound.

• Feature 10 – Travel for business

• Side Binding Mode – Notes Spiral

• Pages inside – 30sheet (60pages)

• Children’s present Creative Trends

• Support – Wholesale and dropshipping

• Printing – personalized 


1. A moist cloth can be used to remove all written stuff.

2. Save money by not having to buy notebooks on paper.

3. Using the App, scan written content pages to the destination you set up

4. Small enough to fit your bag.

5. Excellent for the students, engineers, designers, managers, and professors.

6. The burden of a lifetime. 



1. The user can only use erasable pens.

2. Much more costly than paper notebooks.

3. Number of pages limited.


As you can see, many people can utilize the smartbook to save on buying paper notebooks. The pages can be wiped clean after scanning to the desired destination in PDF or JPEG format. You must use the pen given in the box in the notebooks. The pens can be purchased in any office supply store. By using any damp cloth or tissue, the pages can be cleaned and reused.For instance, these notebooks can be used by students, managers, engineers, teachers, designers, and others. The notebooks will fit in the students backpack with ease.

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