NLP Training Reviews – Are They Any Good

nlp training reviews

It was written by a self-promoting NLP guru who knows nothing about NLP. This is from an NLP resource site that does not offer much of value for those who wish to learn about NLP. In my opinion this type of review should be avoided.

What we are looking at here is usually a comment such as “CDs and training CDs are fine but not the best way.” These are common comments you will often see when talking about NLP products. When you read the NLP reviews you will see that the average person is not looking for a reason to believe that NLP training will work for them. They are seeking a reason to believe that it is working for other people. When you read that type of review you should know that NLP is not about trying to convince people that they will work for them.

What Is Being Offered

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When you are following a successful path as an NLP coach you can ask a question like: “What have you learned?” From that point forward you can give your coach the answer and move forward. This is why when reading the NLP training reviews it is important to know that what is being offered is for coaching purposes only. There is no selling of products here or of services. If you are looking for a great journey, you may want to consider joining the highly recommended audio course by Robert McKenzie called, “When Your Life Should Start.”

Bob McKenzie is a highly successful NLP coach and lives in Washington State. He co-founded the highly regarded program, “The Long Tail Sales Guy,” a highly regarded online course on NLP and personal development. When you are considering Bob’s coaching, be sure that he is not suggesting that you buy his highly expensive product, “The Long Tail Sales Guy,” before you see what Bob has to offer. The online course he offers is more of an introduction to NLP and his own philosophy on life coaching.

Bob McKenzie

In his first set of CDs, which he released in 2021, Bob McKenzie gave powerful audio presentations of how to use the techniques in his own consulting business and create multiple streams of income with NLP. Most of these can be purchased online and cost under twenty dollars. The second set of CDs, which he released in 2021, contain further detailed information on his personal coaching practice and the use of NLP.

There are two NLP training reviews online for Bob McKenzie’s “The Long Tail Sales Guy.” In this review you will find a description of the first set of CDs and a synopsis of the second set. I encourage you to study Bob’s work and determine for yourself if this is what you need. 

Bob’s Style Of Speaking

Listen to both CDs and make your decision. If there is something you are not able to hear on the audio recording, this may be a sign that Bob’s style of speaking does not suit you. At the end of this first set of CDs, Bob McKenzie states that he is available for phone consulting and email long tail sales support. This is one of the things I liked about this CD. 

He encourages people to contact him and ask for his help and even lists his credentials so people have a reason to reach out to him for advice. I think this would be great for most network marketers who struggle to communicate with their prospects on a regular basis.


The second set of Bob’s NLP training reviews focuses on how to set up a successful home business using NLP. There are a lot of products out there today that sell people on the concept of “the big idea.” My question to you is this: do you really need to buy all those products and training courses? If you are struggling to get through your business needs on a daily basis, these are two products I definitely suggest you look into to see if they might be a bit of help to you.

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