NLP Techniques You Can Try For Anxiety Issues

Nlp Techniques Anxiety

Everybody experiences some amount of anxiety throughout their lives, and it is completely normal. But if the level of anxiety is too high, and it is not properly managed, it can take a toll on life and affect your health. This is where the NLP techniques come into use. Below mentioned are some simple NLP techniques that will help you deal with your anxiety.

Focus On What You Want

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When you are anxious, you tend to indulge in catastrophic thinking and start imagining the worst-case scenarios. Instead, it would help if you started focusing on the best outcome that can happen. Suppose you find thinking or imagining a favorable outcome difficult, then you can write down instead.

When you think about something, it is like experiencing it in reality, and you tend to subconsciously create the exact reaction that you would have if these things were to occur. Hence do not indulge in catastrophic thinking. It provokes anxiety.

Go Beyond The Outcome In NLP Techniques

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As mentioned before, anxiety is about future related outcomes. Hence, another way to deal with anxiety is by imagining the event, causing anxiety that has already occurred and now lies in the past. If it still causes anxiety, then tell yourself that even if it did turn out badly, it’s over. It’s done. Don’t hesitate to congratulate yourself on getting through it. Make the experience as realistic as you can.

Hand The Anxiety Over To A Higher Power – NLP Techniques

Like most things in life, anxiety, too, can get out of control most of the time. If that happens to you too, then you can hand over the anxiety to a higher power. The higher power can be anything you believe in. It can be any God you believe in, the universe, an all-powerful being, fate, or karma, or your higher self, or even if you do not believe in any of these things, you can imagine or create a higher power to whom you can hand over the job of managing your fate and taking care of your need to worry.

Suppose you find the above mentioned NLP techniques difficult for yourself, then you can try this one. But here as well, you need to use your imagination powers and try to make this experience as realistic as you can to get rid of your anxiety completely. Visualize that this higher power, this spirit, or a physical representation of chance, or fate, or a higher power created by you is looking at you with sympathy and understanding. Be aware of the anxiety you are experiencing, the emotions and feelings that lie on your shoulder, and pull you down. Now imagine that this higher being is lifting all your anxiety and bad feelings and emotions and is also taking responsibility for the outcome of the event that is bothering you.


Handling anxiety in a proper way can help to reduce stress and cope with everyday challenges of life. NLP techniques help you deal with anxiety. Anxiety is associated with future outcomes, and NLP techniques help you be more mindful about the present, to be in the ‘here and now’, thus reducing the level of anxiety.

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