NLP Relationship Techniques: Using NLP to Repair Your Relationship

nlp relationship techniques

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is one of the most promising aspects of modern therapeutic and counselling. NLP is not a new concept, but its popularity has been on the rise in recent years. The basic premise of NLP is that each person has their own “language” and that these languages can be manipulated, developed and improved by a person’s actions and words. NLP is based upon the idea that all people possess an inner “script” that is transmitted to them by their parents, caregivers and other individuals in their environment. If you are able to recognize this script, then it is very easy to influence the thought patterns, feelings and behaviors of a person.

NLP Relationship Techniques

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The primary goal of NLP is to help a person uncover the scripts that are holding them back emotionally and to develop new scripts in order to fulfil their desires. Once a script is identified, it can be used for NLP relationship techniques. For example, when a couple is involved in a conflict, they may initially use anger as a way to communicate their displeasure. However, if they become aware of the script, which tells them that expressing anger will make the other feel threatened, then they can alter the script in order to make the other feel more comfortable.

NLP relationship techniques also deal with the ways in which people communicate with each other. Each of us is naturally a little bit dominant or submissive, and there is a natural tendency to want to be submissive in order to be in a relationship. If you work on controlling your ego rather than letting it control you, then you will find it much easier to build a strong relationship with your partner. The biggest key to building a relationship is acceptance. Accepting and loving your partner means that you have given them the freedom to communicate without expecting them to do the same to you.

Non-Ego-Centric Communication

Communication without expectation or need is known as non-ego-centric communication. When you speak to your partner in this non-ego-centric manner, you are much more likely to build trust and honesty. Also, you will find that your partner feels more comfortable being honest with you rather than having to lie to avoid conflicts. If you are honest about wanting things to work and having faith in your partner’s ability to meet those needs, then they will naturally do the same.

The foundation for any healthy relationship is safety. When there are safety and security in the relationship, that creates a powerful bond. One of the biggest challenges that couples face is communicating their fears and needs to each other. If your fear is having to share your life with your partner, and they are fearful of sharing theirs with you, then those fears are not being shared.

In order to build trust and security within a relationship, you must be open and honest with your partner. When you tell your partner what you truly think and feel, you are letting them know who you are without being manipulative. The more you can show your partner what a good partner you are, the more they will desire to be with you. NLP relationship techniques are specifically geared to help you do this.

Bottom Line

You must also take care of yourself. The only way to be fully alive in a relationship is to take care of yourself. Do not just expect the relationship to come to you; it won’t. You have to have it in yourself to want a relationship, and you have to create it within yourself.

In order for any relationship to be successful, both people involved must be totally on board. Boredom is a sure-fire way to have a relationship collapse. When boredom sets in, you cannot think clearly, and you will lose all interest in the relationship. Both parties must be 100% committed to the relationship in order for it to thrive. NLP is your key to success in any relationship.

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