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nlp in spark books

It is all about artificial intelligence nowadays and the world moving towards it very quickly. People are understanding the importance of artificial intelligence and trying to learn about it. Natural language programming is one of the branch of artificial intelligence. It actually helps computer to understand and manipulate the human language. There are various nlp crash courses available in the market through which you can understand the importance of NLP and have some in depth knowledge about it. In easy words, NLP is somewhere filling a gap between the human communication and computer understanding.

Importance of taking this NLP crash course

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As you all know that you can speak, read, and write in different languages like English, Spanish, Chinese and many more. But computers can never do so, they have there own language which is the combination of several zeros and ones. It becomes really difficult for a human to understand the computer language and for the computer to understand the human language. So, here comes NLP which can fill out this gap between computer and human. It will understand the emotions and hear you from different device and will process it and reply you back in a well formatted sentence. NLP crash course will help you to understand these technicalities and the other components like machine learning and deep learning as well.

·         Easily understand the large amount of data: For a normal human being it becomes very hard to understand or store a huge amount of data like Bigdata but for machine it is possible. So with the help of this NLP , it will be easy for machines to gather that data and analyze the data without any error.

·         Structuring highly unstructured data: there are obviously thousands and even more than that languages in the world and it becomes really complex for a human to understand it. The NLP can help you to solve all the unstructured data in a structured manner such as speech recognition or text analytics.

Working Of Natural Language Programming

It is the programming language that is created by human itself, so it is important to understand that how this particular NLP will work out through these NLP crash course. When we were in our initial schools, while creating a sentence, it is important to understand the meaning of each word and then join it together to get a meaningful sentence. In that same way the NLP will work and will divide your sentence in different parts, will analyze it and answer you back.

Applications of Natural Language Programming

·         It can help you in autocorrecting or autocompleting your sentence on google search tab or while typing your emails.

·         It can be your language translator as it can convert your sentence to any language.

·         Help you understand your customers liking and disliking based on there on there social media thoughts or posts.

·         They can be every time available chatbots, to solve your problem and give you a proper solutions.


With the help of these NLP courses you can know about various other features of Artificial intelligence. It can make you an AI expert and can open your learning options as well.

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