Natural Language Processing Is Fun!

Natural language processing comes under AI. It uses tools, techniques, and algorithms to make meaning of human language. Now we will see how computers understand human languages using natural language processing is fun.

Natural Language Processing Is Fun!
Natural Language Processing Is Fun!

Can Computers Understand Language

It is difficult for computers to understand languages like English. But they do have some set of rules, that can convert the words to data. Natural language processing helps the computer in this area. Natural language library, open-source python library is available online. 

It is tough for a computer to understand human languages. The English language itself does not follow and proper rules. Hence, parsing English becomes very engaging.

So, let us look at all the stages of natural language processing.

Natural Language Processing Is Fun: Step 1. Sentence Segmentation

In this step of natural language processing, we break the paragraph into separate sentences. Sentence segmentation is the first step in the pipeline of NLP.

Natural Language Processing Is Fun: Step 2. Word Tokenization

In this step of NLP, we break apart the sentences into words. These words are called tokens. The space between the words is used to cut the sentences.

Step 3. Predicting Parts Of Speech For Each Token

Now that we have the tokens, we need to understand the parts of speech. We will categorize the word into a noun, adverbs, verbs, and so on. The computer will save this information. This step is the most important in natural language processing.

Step 4. Text Lemmatization

In text-lemmatization, we bring each word to its base form. Even the verbs are converted to present perfect.

Step 5. Identifying Stop Words

In NLP, we need to remove stop-words like a, an, and, the. These words and meaningless and has no value. Therefore, in NLP, we identify these stop words and remove them.

Natural Language Processing Is Fun: Step 6. Dependency Parsing

Each word is related to each other in some ways. In this step of NLP, we find the relation between words.

Natural Language Processing Is Fun!
Natural Language Processing Is Fun!

Step 6b. Finding Noun Phrases

In this step, we group words to form specific some known phrases. We use the information from the previous step to arrange the words.

Step 7. Named Entity Recognition (NER)

The next step in NLP is to nouns to real-world objects. Some words have more information and are unique in some ways. These words are known as named entities. Named entity recognition is an essential technique of NLP.

Natural Language Processing Is Fun: Step 8. Coreference Resolution

Considering we have done most of the work in natural language processing. In this subject, we evaluate the sentences separately. Therefore, it becomes difficult to relate pronouns to their nouns. One of the most challenging steps in natural language processing.

Coding The NLP Pipeline In Python

Now that we have completed all the steps in NLP. We can start coding it in Python. Just follow all the steps, and it should be quite straightforward. Advance coders may omit a few steps. We have only seen a small part of NLP. A lot more awaits you, So, happy coding.

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