Must-Try NLP Techniques for Insomnia

nlp techniques for insomnia

NLP techniques for insomnia can help you sleep better and get rid of your insomnia problem. NLP is neuro-linguistic programming. This is a psychological approach for addressing many underlying conditions in humans. NLP techniques have shown success in curing insomnia. Here are some of the best NLP techniques.

Positive Self-Suggestion During the Daytime

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Practice speaking to yourself in a clear and positive voice that says that you need to sleep well that day. You should avoid giving negative suggestions to yourself. Unknowingly doubts and negativity registers in your mind and disturbs you. Remember good things happen to  you only if you believe in them.

Bedtime Stories

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Bedtime stories should be pleasant, hopeful and full of happiness. If you tell a child a horror story, it will find it difficult to sleep. The same is with us too. You need to think of all your dreams and stories that you want to happen in your life. This will put your mind in a hopeful and happy state and help  you sleep well.

Try Progressive Relaxation Technique

For this technique, you need to lie down comfortably in bed, focus on your feet and then think about bringing a warm sensation right from your ankles to your legs. Then spread this warmth to your knees, thighs, stomachs, chest and so on. Doing this will eventually make your head feel good. Next, imagine with a wave of lightness on your body, cool feeling, soft sounds and so on. 

Trick your Brains

For this NLP technique, you need to make a mental list of all the things you hate doing. It could be cleaning, waxing the floors, balancing your accounts, etc. If you wake up in the middle of the night or if you are unable to sleep easily, get up and do any of these tasks. It will guarantee put you back to sleep.

Dump the Rubbish in your Head Before Sleeping

If your mind is whirling with a lot of unanswered questions, doubts and uncertainties about your life. If you have too much to remember that get done and if these are the things that are not making you sleep well, then you must put all these in a pad kept next to your bed. Dumping all your stress on a pad and paper will help  you empty your mind. Also, write the action you are going to do next to each one. This will help you relax and fall asleep.

Talk Nicely to Yourself

Talking nicely to yourself will help you pamper yourself mentally, feel good about yourself and get rid of negative thoughts. Make it a point to think of all the good things that you did in a day. It could the smallest tasks like giving a penny to a beggar or cooking something nice. Pat your back for it and praise yourself. This will help you go off to sleep properly.

These are some simple NLP techniques for insomnia.

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