Land Care GIS: Evaluating Land Management program in Australia

The land is a nature’s gift. However, people are degrading this natural resource. With time the quality and quantity of landmasses are reducing in size. Yet people are paying no attention to this problem.

Moreover, they are planning on building up various man-made items for full filling their own needs. Therefore time won’t be on our side for a very long time. Besides, we all know that time and tide never wits any mortal being. Thus to preserve the land, we should use it judiciously. We are here to exchange words about the land management issue covered in Australia. Without wasting any more time, let us get right into our area of interest. 

Land Management Programs in Australia, Let Us Take A Sneak Peek

In Australia, a persistent national problem is land degradation. Therefore the government is coming with a certain measure to solve these domestic issues. To cope up with this situation, the government is associating with the community groups. For instance, the Decade of Land care Plan along with the National Land care program. Since the early ’90s, NLP came with a helping hand to the Australian Government. Henceforth, it helped them with around 3500 projects to deal with this national problem. Evaluation of this program is going on right at this moment. However, the commonwealth program took the initiative in this evaluation program.

Australia The Victim

Moreover, Australia is about to enter the middle of the decade with this project now. Therefore, the Bureau of Research science is assisting in this evaluation program. It developed up a spatial information system, the name of this spatial information system is LANDCARE-GIS. This program is, therefore, offering assistance in dealing with the land care degradation issue. 

Some More Issues To Deal With Land

The LANDCARE-GIS gets its users to identify and analyze various issues. Henceforth this is one of the primary concerns is spatial relationships. After that, this relationship issue gets an amalgamated tie-up with NLP, land_use practices along with land_resource conditions. Besides, the program consists of five categories. Those are- details of project, national and state surveys of land_condition, state surveys of land_care groups, surveys of land_care and land_management practices, and some other resource. These additional resources include- biophysical and social, economic data. 


Therefore, this LANDCARE-GIS is yet again, the first variant of spatial information technology. Additionally, this technology is the responsible one for evaluating the Australian Government program. Moreover, it also deals with various policies. Thus, it offers us with different information on the impacts of the running program. Hence take a look at the preliminary evaluation of the land care activities-

  1. The description of the NLP activities.
  2. After that the extent to which the NLP is focusing the land_issues
  3. Then there is a comparison of land care and the non-land care farmer management practices
  4. After that the various analysis over the farmer’s perception of land degradation
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