Free NLP Techniques To Learn

Free Nlp Techniques

Neuro Linguistic programming is a technique to learn the language of the brain. Coaches learn NLP techniques to coach others better. It is the use of psychology using sound strategies to create results that they desire. Neuro is neurology and Linguistic is language, so, NLP is the language program of the nerves and brain. It gives one the power to reprogram their thinking skills to transform their lives. NLP has been successful in bringing out a vast change in the way a coach works with the client. A coach who is aware of the NLP techniques can create successful business models for self while also being useful to their clients. Here is a list of free NLP techniques one can use to elevate one’s coaching practice.

Free NLP Techniques

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NLP is a technique used to regenerate useful emotions. This technique of anchoring helps the coach recreate emotions and associate them with physical actions. For example, when a coach asks the client to choose an emotion such as happiness, the client needs to perform an action associated with the body, such as touching one’s finger. In this case, the anchor becomes the ‘touching the finger’. The coach then tells the client to revisit the emotion and perform the action associated with it. This technique helps the clients to work on their emotions and thoughts.

Belief Change

Many people have self-limiting beliefs, which eventually turn into a habit. Some of these habits may not be entirely positive. NLP techniques help us take a deeper look into the belief and understand its implications. These beliefs can stem from certain statements that a person has said many times, such as ‘I am a bad cook’. Such beliefs can restrict one’s development and may be very damaging. A person who believes ‘he can’t’ , then he certainly ‘won’t’. NLP techniques such as Presuppositions help to bring about a change in the client’s current state of mind and encourages them for self-exploration.

Mirroring and Rapport

Coaches help to create a space in the mind of the client where they learn to believe in themselves. Mirroring and Rapport are some NLP techniques that coaches use to break the ice and help the clients establish a better connection with their own self. The coaches mirror the client’s behavior in a subtle and yet communicative way. The coach mirrors the client’s body language, expressions, voice, gestures and language too. This helps the client connect better and understand their own actions better. It also makes the client feel very positive about oneself and gives them a chance to explore their own emotions and thoughts.

Reframing Thoughts

The coaches learn to change certain emotions in the clients and make them more optimistic. This NLP technique gives a coach good knowledge to reframe the client’s mind set and encourages them to reach their goal sooner. For example, to help a client who does not want to become fat, the coach encourages them towards their fitness goal and reframes their minds to get into a fitness routine. The brain normally does not register ‘don’t messages’. It has a tendency to delete it. By reframing thoughts, the client can give the message to their brain that they want to be fit.

These are some of the four main free NLP techniques you can learn as a coach.

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