NLP Terms Explained For The Text Analysis

Common NLP Terms Explained For The Text Analysis Novice

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a new approach to neural language or the language of the brain. As an advanced approach, it tries to find out the relation between the words we speak and the language that remains in our brain. As a result, it looks for the solution to any kind of language ambiguity and therefore, seeks to solve the same. NLP has been effective in transforming the lives of many, who are suffering from communication problems. If you are new to text analysis, you need to know some of the NLP terms. Here are the NLP terms explained to you, so that you can understand the subject better.

Common NLP Terms Explained For The Text Analysis Novice
Common NLP Terms Explained For The Text Analysis Novice

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

It is the finest approach to learn the language of our human mind. Hence, NLP is an approach became one of the most popular in linguistics, computer science, and psychology to understand neural language. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP offers a toolkit of techniques to treat one’s challenges and promote opportunity.

Natural Language Processing

It studies the interrelation between the human language and that of the computers. Moreover, it tries to analyze how a machine understands, mimics, and interacts with human languages. Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics are deeply connected with Natural Language Processing.

NLP Terms: Information Extraction

This one is a common term in NLP. Hence, it refers to the process of automatically extracting information that comes in unstructured or semi-structured forms. What this extraction does is it extracts structured information from that unstructured information.

Named Entity Recognition

Also known to the researchers as NER, it refers to the process of identifying and classifying the elements, which are in a text format. Next, it makes predefined categories like name, place, and venue and classifies every element in this format.

NLP Terms: Sentiment Analysis

It is a process that uses the use of Natural Language Processing techniques. From a piece of text, it extracts the subjective information. As a result, it comes up with a conclusion of whether the author is being subjective or objective.

Common NLP Terms Explained For The Text Analysis Novice
Common NLP Terms Explained For The Text Analysis Novice

Word Sense Disambiguation

This one is also very popular in NLP study and practice. Computationally, it checks the ability to identify the meaning of words in a particular context. Hence, WordNet or Wikipedia are the tools that follow this process. An easy example of it would be the identification of Apple with the fruit or the company about its context.

Explicit Semantic Analysis

Information Retrieval, Semantic Relatedness calculation, and Document Classification use this analysis. Hence, based on the concepts found in a particular text, the analyze proceeds. Also, in simple words, it finds out the relationship between two words or pieces of text in a conceptual manner.

NLP Terms: Latent Semantic Analysis

A set of documents and the terms they contain have close relationships. Latent Semantic Analysis is a process that analyzes this relationship. Similar to the previous ones, this process also produces a set of concepts connected to the documents and terms.

Above are some essential terms of NLP. To know more, follow our website for upcoming blogs.

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