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Body Language Psychology: Study Of Body Language


Body language is a non-verbal means of communication, which is studying the body language and trying to understand what the person is trying to say. Body language includes facial expression, body posture, eye movement, touch, and gestures. This non-verbal communication exists both in animal and humans and it through these body languages that we tend to understand the person or animal better. People often confuse body language with sign language, and sign language is different, its a language of its own. According to experts, body language tells us more about the person than his/her words, so it’s essential to pay attention to body language psychology. Understanding body language is crucial, so it’s necessary to pay attention to every minute detail so that we don’t miss out on anything.

Body Language Psychology: The Study Of Body Language
Body Language Psychology: The Study Of Body Language

For millions of years, our ancestors use to communicate with each other through body language and sign language. So much of these body languages have stayed with us in our DNA. While trying to understand body language, we need to know about all other communication.

How To Understand Body Language?

Body language gives a better understanding of the situation than our words. Like just a smile can convey many things, by looking at the face of the person, we can quickly know what the person is feeling. A smile can mean happiness, while a frown can mean confusion, unhappiness, and disapproval. The expression on the person’s face can also help us build trust with the person we are dealing with. Expressions convey friendliness and confidence. Interviewers nowadays focus more on body language rather than words; it is easy to impress with words but to show that belief in the body is complicated. Research suggests that our intelligence judge people based on their body language and facial expression. People with a smiling and joyful expression are considered to be more friendly and open-minded rather than people with grumpy faces. Our eyes speak a lot; we can send our message through our eyes only.  Eyes are considered to the window to our soul since they reveal a lot about the person’s feelings and thoughts and personality. So it’s crucial to maintain eye contact while talking as the opposite person can understand us better in that way.

Body Language Psychology: The Study Of Body Language
Body Language Psychology: The Study Of Body Language

Why Is Body Language Important?

If you are trying to give a good impression both in the social and business field, we need to know both our verbal and non-verbal language. While in an interview we might have said the correct answer but sometimes we give some other unconscious signal which doesn’t match our words. We might be able to notice these small things, but people around us will see it instantly. While shaking hands or standing in a particular way, we can impress our feelings in a better way. By adjusting the way we sit, stand, or move, we make it easier for the person to understand us better than our spoken words. There are times when we could sense the tension in the body language of a person, which gives a better message than spoken words.

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