Body Language Psychology: Some Facts To Analyse

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What Is Body Language Psychology?

Analyzing body language psychology is the manifestation of the deep mental state of our soul. It reveals what is going on in our mind, and the body language delivers that state. These two words are interrelated to each other. The neuroscientific study of the brain is called psychology. The stimuli we are receiving from outside is transferred to the brain, and therefore, we act accordingly. This deliberation takes place through the body language. Body language is the act of psychology. It is an essential way of communication. From the posture of a man, one can learn what is going on in his mind. It helps in delivering the non-verbal interactions through facial gestures, attitude, postures, and other various physical postures.

Different Analysis On Body Language Psychology

Facial Expression

The face is called the mirror of our soul and mind; it includes the eyes, eyebrows, nose lips, and cheeks. Each of these participates in understanding body language. Movements of the eyes and eyebrows signify whether we are happy or sad, surprised, or frightened. The smile on the face also indicates in understanding the body language psychology of a person. Stammering while speaking, biting of lips also gives us a great indication to study body language.

Some Facts To Analyse Body Language Psychology
Some Facts To Analyse Body Language Psychology

Gestures: Most Important To Understand Body Language Psychology

Body gestures and postures also help in indicating the analysis of a person. The body gestures include the hand, legs, palms, feet. Different hand postures indicate differently. A person sitting or standing making his arm closed shows a closed-mindedness nature, introvert. Again if a person wringing his pals means he is suffering from lack of confidence. Often we see people slaying their legs freely, and this is indicating relaxation and comforts. Shaking of legs while sitting signifies that the person is restless or in tension and nervousness.

Voice tone

The tone of a voice also contributes to understanding the body language of a person. When we talk in a high pitch giving stress in the abdominal area, that seems we are angry. Again if someone fumbles while speaking and sweating and the tonal quality shakes, that means he is not trustworthy enough. The tune of the voice also helps us to understand and we can distinguish which is a scolding, which is a piece of advice or order.

Eye Contact

Eyes have their speaking language. If a person talks looking straight at your eyes sounds confident enough. If a person looks around, then he might be telling lies or not confident enough about the topic.

Behavioral Attitudes

Attitude plays a vital role here. The attitude he will bear in the office is not the same when he is at home. This is a part of the body language. The gestures, we show the way we speak, and the way we behave indicates our attitudes.

Some Facts To Analyse Body Language Psychology
Some Facts To Analyse Body Language Psychology


According to Albert Mehrabian, during a conversation, we understand 7% what is said, 38% depends on the voice tone, and the rest 55% depends on these body gestures and attitude to understand the body language psychology. Therefore this psychology is the reflex action of the mental state in a conscious or unconscious level.

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