All you need to know about NIP trainings in New York

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For providing training to clinicians, National Institute for the Psychotherapies is dedicated to provide psychoanalytic training and to community comprehensive training. It is located in New York City’s Flatiron District. The New York Department of education recognised this institute in 1972 as an educational facility which is non profit. Graduates and post Graduates are provided with polyanalytic training through a wide range of training programs in an environment of excellence. It provides very affordable training to the community and in a collaborative process between patient and doctor is created in an personalised treatment through psychotherapeutic and counselling services.

Psychoanalytic Training-

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Have you ever seen an American bearded man cartoon who sits behind the couch of the patient? This might be an image of psychoanalysis which might  come in your mind. However, present time psychoanalysis bears no resemblance to that caricature. The relationship which is built on the base of mutual respect and expression is called psychoanalysis which is a vital, interactive psychotherapy. People’s inner world is understood with the help of a vibrant,ever developing way of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis access into the mental life, entrenched patterns of behaviour and helps to develop the new relationships.

It brings a life changing psychological self enhancement in the trainee which will help him to develop a clinical voice which is very exotic, unique and actual.

Need to Train at NIP-

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  • It gives a powerful experience which is both helpful for promotion of personal and professional enhancement.
  • The comprehensiveness and attention to the needs of every candidate is a very unique approach.
  • It consists of classes of both theory and techniques, personal psychoanalysis and supervision which is of clinical expertise.
  • The faculty which is well known in their publications teach the didactic courses at NIP.
  • An in-depth educational environment is created with the help of faculty curiosity, expertise, dialogue.
  • Traditional psychoanalytic from Fredian origins to the present time and attachment theory are the courses which are available at NIP.
  • With a strong approach to contemporary psychoanalytic relations, contemporary Freudian, personal psychological theories provide a cutting edge approach to therapeutic actions.
  • A warm, strong and experienced community benefits the trainees a lot.
  • It enjoys a clinical international reputation in its 5th decade.


For the candidates which are involved in NIPs various training programs, the NIPs treatment centre is the training component. It offers individual psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and EMDR at a very less charge based on your income. All the staff members are graduates and post graduates under an experienced psychotherapist. It does not give any emergency medication or intermission facility but they do give referrals of outside psychiatrists.


NIP is also now providing new services of psychological and neuropsychological assessment perks to children and adults and people who are in dire need of comprehensive assessment for a number of questions related to psychology.

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